Guadalajara, Mexico Project

Trade School / Multi Purpose Building / Dormitory

The Vision:

We are joining Pastor Omar Rodriguez of Roca Fuerte Ministries in fulfilling God's vision by:

  • Purchased land in a strategic location for a Multi-Purpose facility
  • Establishing 5 new churches in Guadalajara
  • Building a Trade School to provide educational and vocational training
  • Constructing a dormitory which will provide meeting rooms, training facilities, housing, showers, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. for mission teams and local church workers
  • Constructing a Church building on-site

Path to the New Life, A.C.

We give glory and thanks to God for the establishment of the Civil Association, Path to New Life (Camino Hacia La Nueva Vida) in Guadalajara, Mexico in August 2011. The way was difficult, but God is faithful to bring about His purposes! Path to the New Life, A.C. is now a legal entity. This is similar to the non-profit organization in the U.S.A. and will allow Act Ministries to purchase land in Mexico, and build and manage the school and mission outreach point there as soon as funds become available. Please consider joining us in this great work of God.

Purpose of the A.C.

We encourage you to join us as God leads:

  • Prayer support
  • Financial support
  • Personal participation

The land God showed us in 2008:

This is the land in the community God has called us to in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is a very beautiful piece of property in a very strategic place for ministry. This land is now owned by Camino Hacia La Nueva Vida, AC, which took possesion, May 8, 2012. God has given us a big vision and He is able to bring it to pass. Will you join in this great Kingdom work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share with those who have great physical and spiritual need in this place.

Path to the New Life, A.C.

Architectual School Plans

Roca Fuerte Ministry Reports:

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